BangABlueLite is now available from the iPhone App Store for free.

BangABlue is now available from the iPhone App Store.

Now two people can play BangABlue against each other.


How to play BangABlue:

Press the blue target or the play button 

Different coloured circles are displayed as above trypreeas many of the blue targeets as you can.
The numbers at the bottom left ( 12 / 33 ) show how many targes you have hit and how many were paossible.
So in this example 33 targets have  displayed and you managed to press 12 of them.
The game time left in minutes and seconds ( 1:05  ) is diplayed in the bottom right corner.  
The game will end when you time is up or if you press the stop button   .
This screen  diplayed your game is over.
You score is displayed in the circle.
Below this the top previous six scores are displayed.
If  your score is amongst the top six then it is diisplayed in red.
You can clear all the saved scores by pressing the trash button  .
Top scores are not displayed in BangABlueLite. 
How to play BangABlue with two players.
You cannot play with two players using BangABlueLite.  
To play BangABlue with two players you need BangABlue on two seporate devices.
On both devices press the two player button  .
If you do not have Bluetooth enabled you will be asked if you wish to enable it, you should reply yes.
You should see this on both devices.
The each should display a list of other devices, you should see each othe devices listed.
You on one device select the other device.
Thee other device will then display a message that the original device wishes to connect and you should press the Accept button.
You may have to wait a minute or two between each step above.
After the accept button is pressed both devices should be connected.
When conected the name of the device you aconncted to  l appear at the botton of the screen after the  .
 Once connected either player can start the game pressing the play button  the  ame wil then start on both devices.
Either play can end the game by pressing  the stop button  or the game will end when the time is up which will be the smaller of the game times on each device.
If the devices have different speed settings then the circles will be displayed alternately using each devices speed setting. So if you find that it seems to be displaying two circles very fast and then the there is a gap before the next circle then one device has a very  fast speed and the other a slow speed.
When the game is you will see the results of both players.
This shows both players' scores, the winner in red.
Also the top six previous two player scores, if the current scorere amongst thetop six these are shown in red.
The saved scores can be cleared by pressing the trash bouuton  .
How to adjust settings.
You can adjust the settings by pressing the settings button  .
The speed of the game is adjusted with the top slider, the number is the time in seconds that each circle is displayed for.
The game time is adjusted with the bottom slider, the time in minutes and seconds is displayed.
These settings are saved and will be used each time the game is played.
 The settings are not saved in BangABlueLite.